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Learn more about the production and filmmaking behind Ballet of a Lonely Heart, see the filmmakers in action and download press materials including behind the scenes and promotional stills!

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August 8, 2020

CBC Vancouver:

Our Vancouver

Gloria Macarenko interviews Kirsten Wicklund and Peter Smida, choreographers and dancers of Ballet Of A Lonely Heart.

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5 questions for the Director

This is your first film using dance instead of dialogue. How did you come up with that idea?

Originally I had this image in my head of two ballet dancers in the middle of an empty city street or on the steps of the art gallery. That image, and the desire to do something creative while in quarantine, lead to me brainstorming a really loose plot and looking for collaborators in the dance community. That’s how I met Kirsten and later Peter, through Ballet BC. It was also interesting because at first we thought the dancers would be strangers in real life, so they wouldn’t ever be able to touch in the film, even at the end. But when Peter joined, and he lives and works with Kirsten, it brought all the pieces together. Because we couldn’t use a big crew, I was deliberately looking for a story to tell without dialogue, but the concept started with dance.

5 questions for the Choreographers

When Andrew contacted you with his idea, what were your initial thoughts and why did you resonate with it?


Initially, we were very excited at the thought of dancing and choreographing again! We had both been on tour with Ballet BC when covid regulations were put in place and had been out of work for some number of weeks. We of course were up for the challenge of creating, while abiding by the social distance requirements for the project.

These "restrictions" were interesting to us in terms of how we can explore our creative process in news ways as dancers and choreographers. Choreographing for film offered us a unique challenge as well - Peter is transitioning more into the film industry so this was a really wonderful opportunity across the board.

press contact

Aline Mayerhoffer, Co-Producer

+1 (778) 586-4605

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